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Visual Impairment


Definition of blind  
adj. blindĀ·er, blindĀ·est


Having a maximal visual acuity of the better eye, after correction by refractive lenses, of one-tenth normal vision or less (20/200 or less on the Snellen test).

Of, relating to, or for sightless persons.

New term: Hearing impairement

Visual impairment (or vision impairment) is vision loss (of a person) to such a degree as to qualify as an additional support need through a significant limitation of visual capability resulting from either disease, trauma, or congenital or degenerative conditions that cannot be corrected by conventional means.

Visual impairment is the consequence of a functional loss of vision, rather than the eye disorder itself.

Famous Blind and Sight Impaired People:

Stevie Wonder
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Galileo Galile
Andrea Bocelli
Claude Monet

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