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Since Vic is mostly behind the camera, there are only a few photos where he is  featured in.

Vic has started diving in November 2011. Since then he has never looked back and is a very keen scuba diver. Handicapped Scuba Association International (H.S.A) through Scooba Doo diving school, made it possible for him to have successfully pass his open waters exams. He has also passed the advanced course and is thus a qualified advanced diver! He was recently approved to do the HSA buddy course by the President of HSA International.  He also has logged 71 dives so far and going strong.  As it stands now, he is able to help other with similar disabilities to make their dream come true, by assisting them in an open water environment, as soon as he has qualified as an HSA buddy.

The past weekend 27 January 2012, HSA South Africa have set a standard world record by having the most divers with disabilities in the water all at the same time! Thank you Arthur for joining them at this Historic event!

Vic has seen so many ocean life and one of them was to have been diving between humpback whales!


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